September Summary

C4AECC64-2CAB-45B9-9F69-6F0643ABD302-1028-0000006EC8770827.jpegWe have received lots of amazing donations so far this month. Literature and Laughter for Ladies and Crochet & Chatter group as well as Bott & Co solicitors donated  an amazing amount of babies clothes, some pyjamas and lots of gorgeous gift sets!

Thank you to Gift of a Wash Kit for your amazing support and donations throughout September we are getting closer to reaching our Christmas goals.

St. Crispins Church in Fallowfield donated all their harvest foods to us on Friday, which has helped us fully stock up our pantry.

This week we are really lucky to be able to receive a share of the harvest food donation collected by Manchester High School for Girls so we can focus all our work on reaching our December target.


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