Christmas Wishes

We have already received so many amazing gifts but we are still collecting for our fresh donations.

Christmas is on the way. Please give generously. Click here to donate

Imagine living in refuge with little money to support your family.

Imagine with 3 children your benefits are cut and Christmas is on the way.

Imagine having to flee your home late at night with only the clothes on your back and Christmas is coming.

Imagine having to choose between Christmas toys for your children and heating the house for more than an hour a day.

This is reality for so many women we support at Emmeline’s Pantry. Christmas is not a happy time for many vulnerable women and their families but we can help make this time of year a little easier with your help.

Last December we supported 135 women and 197 children. We could not have done this without the generous donations and fundraising activities by our supporters. This year we need your help!

Since January our numbers have increased and we are worried we won’t be able to support our service users. Every donation you make will provide a woman, a child, a teenager or a family with a Christmas treat.


£10 will buy a pair of pajamas or a Christmas gift for a woman

£20 will buy a Christmas present for a child, young person or teenager

£20 will buy a three course Christmas Dinner for 4 people

£35 will buy a week’s worth of food for a family of 4



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