Big Thank You’s


We have received some wonderful messages from our Christmas Hampers. With the help from everyone who donated to us, little or large we successfully managed another Christmas delivery to 73 women, 40 partners and 220 children! A huge thank you for everyone’s ongoing kindness. Here are some lovely, heartfelt messages from some of our service users, showing you how much your help is appreciated.

Our Messages:

“I was dreading Christmas this year, struggling to make ends meet after a relationship break up I couldn’t see how it was possible to even have Christmas. But thanks to the wonderful women at Emmeline’s and all the kind and thoughtful people who donated, we could make Christmas happen. Everything was thought of, from the basics to the little treats that really make Christmas. New pyjamas, a bedtime story, everything was thought of. I left Emmeline’s with tears in my eyes, not just because of my situation but because of the kindness and love of the good women of Emmeline’s, and the thoughtfulness of those who donated. Thanks to you I could give my kids a lovely Christmas. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone for all their help and support over Christmas… my kids were over the moon with all their toys and enjoyed an early night in their New pjs on xmas eve and all our treat sweets…. we couldn’t have done it and enjoyed it with out all your help…. not only just for xmas but for all your help and support when ever it’s needed, we appreciate it more then you know

“I would just like to say a massive thank you for the Christmas hamper I received for my family. Even though we don’t celebrate Christmas I always really worry at this time of year. Every year I always try to get them all something new so that when they return back to school they can say, just like their friends they too received new toys. With having five children its so difficult to do every year, especially as they’re getting older. With the hampers I received from yourselves and your wonderful volunteers I was able to give my children the same as all their friends, which meant the immense pressure I always feel to provide them with the best of everything was lifted from me. Having the children off school for 2 weeks was a worry for me wondering how on earth I was going to occupy them but also feed them everyday a nutritional diet. The food hamper eased the pressure on us as a family and enabled us to relax and just enjoy the time we had together over the holiday. So thanky ou sincerely for the support you all give and we would not be able to manage with out it.”

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