100 pledges of 2018

The start of January was the start of our big appeal this year. Our main aims for this year:

  • To continue the hard work we are doing
  • To develop a specific service for women and their babies
  • To raise funds to prevent fuel poverty
  • To provide bus fares for women who struggle to reach us for the everyday items they need
  • To find a bigger building as we keep growing
  • To find a celebrity ambassador

Please help us to make all this happen in any way you can. Any donation you can afford no matter how big or small will help us.

Your pledges will go towards helping our financial wishes.

  1. £250 covers 1 month’s rent
  2. £10 will cover the gas or electric bills for one woman for 1 week
  3. £4.50 will buy a day bus ticket for a woman who cant get to us to buy food for her family.

Some of the pledges we have already received

– to donate £5 a month instead of buying costa coffee.

-£1 for every book read in 2018

– to make a hat and scarf set once a month to help provide a woman or child with something warm next winter

All these pledges are amazing and we can’t wait to see what we achieve. If you want to add your pledge click on the link below for the event and add your pledge.

Pledge event

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