New Year – New Update



As we come into 2019 refreshed (mostly!) we have had a chance to look back on 2018 and what we achieved as a charity in helping more women then ever before.

Throughout 2018 we helped 1002 women ! img_3087

All of that is with the help of our amazing supporters, their time, their donations, their help and their friendly faces. We have had donations and cards from schools, both local and as far away as London. Other charities, groups and companies throughout the year. July 2018 was our Summer Sleep Out with the help of the Catholic Chaplaincy! Just as important as all these wonderful groups and organisations are the individuals and families that help us every day.



On our donation day December 20th with the help of all our amazing volunteers who really spectacular- could not have done it without them. img_3096

We gave 80 adults and 93 children food for the holidays. 93 children received gifts. We were also able to help another 50 women with food and could give out 295 more gifts for children across Manchester. What a wonderful way to end the year with all our helpers and donations so generously!

After Christmas we got the wonderful news from Manchester Bee Co that they raised an incredible £250 from their yellow bee pins and Christmas cards which was wonderful news to end the year on! To a successful and happy 2019.

Love from Emmeline’s


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