Our news from October

October was mainly concerned with finishing our building decoration and celebrating our achievements so far. Our new building is now decked out in the suffragette colours of purple and green. We also secured funding for our outdoor play area to be painted with a rainbow racing track, as part of our plan to make the play area bright, colourful and fun for the children who visit us.

At the end of the month, we threw a celebration event for all our supporters, to show our appreciation for all that they do.  Without their help, Emmeline’s could not function. We even had a celebrity guest, our wonderful ambassador and Coronation Street star, Dolly-Rose Campbell.

Of course, we did do more than just party with celebrities. The hard work continued and our supporters were busy raising money and donations. Some did a bag pack at ASDA and we received two large deliveries of food donated at harvest festivals at Manchester High School For Girls and St James’ Church in Gatley.

Just some of the bags of food from the harvest festival

Another spectacular donation arrived, in the form of 150 brand new jumpers from Skyland Clothing. With the weather turning cold, they were soon snapped up by the service users. It was amazing for the women to have such a huge selection to choose from. This feeling of choice when shopping for clothing is a luxury many of us take for granted, to choose an item which fits, suits us, and is fit for purpose is something small that means a lot.

A tiny sample of the jumpers donated to us. Enough to keep all our clients warm and stylish through the winter.

Don’t forget, this month we are appealing for gift sets and new pyjamas. You can donate these in person or via the Amazon Wishlist. Next month, we’ll be requesting chocolates, luxury foods and Christmas treats, so keep an eye out for any offers, we’ll be accepting donations through November and December.

If you have any clothes to donate, please keep hold of them until January, when we’ll be in need of more stock.

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