Winter Fundraising

In November, we’ve been fundraising to try and give all our women and their families a wonderful Christmas. We are very fortunate to have some amazing supporters who respond to our requests for help. Just this week, we asked our Facebook followers for help in buying nappies, as this is something we struggle to afford enough of. Within a few days, we had raise £525 to purchase a bulk discount of nappies. These will keep us going for a long time, and ensure that every mother who visits us won’t have to worry about nappies for her children.

Our first delivery of nappies, now we just have to find room for them!

Our next fundraiser was an auction for a Manchester City shirt, signed by Joao Cancelo, donated to us to raise money.  After all the bids were in, the winning offer was a whopping £110! This money will go a huge way to paying for Christmas food and give Christmas to families who might otherwise have struggled to provide anything.  Thank you to all who made bids.

We also had some Christmas trees and decorations donated by a charity called Everyone Deserves A Little Sparkle At Christmas, which were distributed to families who wouldn’t have been able to afford a tree of their own.

A tree donated to one of our service users

In December, we will be collecting the following for our Christmas drive;

New pyjamas

Christmas food treats

Selection boxes

New toys (we particularly struggle for presents for babies and teenagers)

Stay tuned for more ways on how you can help Emmelines…

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