Christmas Appeal

Each year, we seem to start our Christmas preparations a little earlier and this year has been no exception. With the difficulties that COVID restrictions have added, we have had to think about how we can provide Christmas food and toys for a growing number of families, whilst still keeping clients and volunteers safe and working within the guidelines.

This year has seen a huge increase in the number of service users and as a result, Christmas at Emmeline’s will be busier than ever. We are lucky to have some wonderful supporters all over the world who generously give to ensure that vulnerable families, and those who are struggling financially, still get to enjoy their Christmas. To anyone who has been following our Facebook posts and has donated to our Christmas appeal, we thank you.

Whether it’s a cosy new pair of pyjamas on Christmas Eve, presents on Christmas morning or a turkey dinner, Emmeline’s aim to make sure that every family who visit can can enjoy those little treats that make up a Christmas and your support really does make a difference to a lot of children.

We are currently asking for toys and women’s pyjamas.

If you would like help our appeal, you can donate using the link below, or go onto our Amazon wishlist and choose a gift for a woman or child. The gift will be sent directly to Emmeline’s and distributed at Christmas time.!/DonationDetails

One thought on “Christmas Appeal

  1. Hello,
    Due to Covid I won’t spend Xmas with my family and thought instead of being a couch potato for days I could help distributing food or presents with a local charity.
    Let’s know if you need an extra pair of hands. Got a car available to drive things.
    Best wishes


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