Christmas in August?

That’s right, we’ve only just recovered from last year and we’re already planning for Christmas. Each year, we seem to start planning a little earlier and with an increase in service users and rumours of a toy shortage, we’re getting ahead and starting our Christmas appeal before the summer has even ended.

Many of our families will struggle to provide a Christmas and this year will be hard for even more, after COVID and job losses. No child should go without a Christmas and this year we are determined to make sure that each of our families has a wonderful Christmas.

So how can you help? We rely on donations for our Christmas appeal. Each month in the run up to Christmas, we’ll be asking for a different item, toys, gift set, selection boxes etc. Our first request will be announced on Facebook tomorrow.

The easiest way to donate an item is via our Amazon wishlist. You can choose an item, maybe something you would have loved as a child, and have it sent directly to Emmeline’s. You’ll know that on Christmas morning, a child will wake up to a present, when they otherwise would have had nothing. If you would like to choose your own toy or gift set to donate, please get in touch directly to find out when to drop off. Every single donation makes a huge difference to families who are struggling.

Please follow us on Facebook for more information on what we’re up to.

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