About Us


At Emmeline’s Pantry we are passionate about people making their own choices and we never discriminate against need.

Emmeline’s Pantry is entirely volunteer led by a dedicated group of women who started out in a hallway, providing clothes to women attending court. We are constantly expanding and five years on we now provide food, clothes, toiletries and baby items to women in need.

We differ from other food banks in three ways:
1. We are a women only food bank.
2. We offer fresh food to ensure healthy eating.
3. We give service users a choice of food, we never pre-bag.

All our stock is donated or purchased with donations. All surplus donations are recycled or used for income generation. All the money and donations we receive go directly towards our service to ensure women and their families receive the best possible support.

Food Pantry

We have recently set up a food pantry aimed at helping local women and families that may be struggling to feed or clothe everyone. A membership fee gives you access to the service either weekly or monthly depending on need. For a weekly donation members can pick up any fresh or non perishable food, clothes and toiletries to help

We are a Registered Charity: No 1169796

In April 2018 we welcomed celebrity ambassador – Dolly- Rose Campbell who has been an incredible support. Every time she visits she lends a hand with the volunteers and spreads the word about our cause and what we do. For more info follow our Facebook or Dolly’s Twitter!          40139350_2185471125066855_6730564565760737280_o.png