Summer Suffragette Sleep Out

Saturday 7th-8th July is the scheduled date for our upcoming fundraising event.

Click here for our Facebook event

We will be hosting a sponsored sleep out this summer to help and raise money for our cause!

We’re planning  a day full of activities and stalls, evening of entertainment and food along with great company. We are keen to have as many different stalls to help us with our fundraising so if you would be interested or know anyone that would love to help out with a stall send us a message.

Either through facebook or here on our website.

If you want to join us on this and would like to sleep out with us on Saturday night, we will be putting up a link towards our fundraising page that will let everyone’s individual sponsorship go towards our page. (more of this to follow!)


100 pledges of 2018

The start of January was the start of our big appeal this year. Our main aims for this year:

  • To continue the hard work we are doing
  • To develop a specific service for women and their babies
  • To raise funds to prevent fuel poverty
  • To provide bus fares for women who struggle to reach us for the everyday items they need
  • To find a bigger building as we keep growing
  • To find a celebrity ambassador

Please help us to make all this happen in any way you can. Any donation you can afford no matter how big or small will help us.

Your pledges will go towards helping our financial wishes.

  1. £250 covers 1 month’s rent
  2. £10 will cover the gas or electric bills for one woman for 1 week
  3. £4.50 will buy a day bus ticket for a woman who cant get to us to buy food for her family.

Some of the pledges we have already received

– to donate £5 a month instead of buying costa coffee.

-£1 for every book read in 2018

– to make a hat and scarf set once a month to help provide a woman or child with something warm next winter

All these pledges are amazing and we can’t wait to see what we achieve. If you want to add your pledge click on the link below for the event and add your pledge.

Pledge event

Big Thank You’s


We have received some wonderful messages from our Christmas Hampers. With the help from everyone who donated to us, little or large we successfully managed another Christmas delivery to 73 women, 40 partners and 220 children! A huge thank you for everyone’s ongoing kindness. Here are some lovely, heartfelt messages from some of our service users, showing you how much your help is appreciated.

Our Messages:

“I was dreading Christmas this year, struggling to make ends meet after a relationship break up I couldn’t see how it was possible to even have Christmas. But thanks to the wonderful women at Emmeline’s and all the kind and thoughtful people who donated, we could make Christmas happen. Everything was thought of, from the basics to the little treats that really make Christmas. New pyjamas, a bedtime story, everything was thought of. I left Emmeline’s with tears in my eyes, not just because of my situation but because of the kindness and love of the good women of Emmeline’s, and the thoughtfulness of those who donated. Thanks to you I could give my kids a lovely Christmas. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone for all their help and support over Christmas… my kids were over the moon with all their toys and enjoyed an early night in their New pjs on xmas eve and all our treat sweets…. we couldn’t have done it and enjoyed it with out all your help…. not only just for xmas but for all your help and support when ever it’s needed, we appreciate it more then you know

“I would just like to say a massive thank you for the Christmas hamper I received for my family. Even though we don’t celebrate Christmas I always really worry at this time of year. Every year I always try to get them all something new so that when they return back to school they can say, just like their friends they too received new toys. With having five children its so difficult to do every year, especially as they’re getting older. With the hampers I received from yourselves and your wonderful volunteers I was able to give my children the same as all their friends, which meant the immense pressure I always feel to provide them with the best of everything was lifted from me. Having the children off school for 2 weeks was a worry for me wondering how on earth I was going to occupy them but also feed them everyday a nutritional diet. The food hamper eased the pressure on us as a family and enabled us to relax and just enjoy the time we had together over the holiday. So thanky ou sincerely for the support you all give and we would not be able to manage with out it.”

Christmas Wishes

We have already received so many amazing gifts but we are still collecting for our fresh donations.

Christmas is on the way. Please give generously. Click here to donate

Imagine living in refuge with little money to support your family.

Imagine with 3 children your benefits are cut and Christmas is on the way.

Imagine having to flee your home late at night with only the clothes on your back and Christmas is coming.

Imagine having to choose between Christmas toys for your children and heating the house for more than an hour a day.

This is reality for so many women we support at Emmeline’s Pantry. Christmas is not a happy time for many vulnerable women and their families but we can help make this time of year a little easier with your help.

Last December we supported 135 women and 197 children. We could not have done this without the generous donations and fundraising activities by our supporters. This year we need your help!

Since January our numbers have increased and we are worried we won’t be able to support our service users. Every donation you make will provide a woman, a child, a teenager or a family with a Christmas treat.


£10 will buy a pair of pajamas or a Christmas gift for a woman

£20 will buy a Christmas present for a child, young person or teenager

£20 will buy a three course Christmas Dinner for 4 people

£35 will buy a week’s worth of food for a family of 4



Christmas Project

We have been so lucky this year to have been chosen by 52 Lives in their christmas project, setting up an Amazon Wish list (link here) and we have received some amazing presents. We have been absolutely overwhelmed with how generous everyone is. 52 Lives have a target of getting gifts for 1000 people and we have been lucky enough to be included as one of their chosen charities.


Just two days worth of deliveries here! Our ladies and children will be so excited.

A huge thank you to everyone at 52 Lives who has helped us in receiving these wonderful pressies. Follow the link to find out some more about 52 Lives and how you can help. video tells you some more about their amazing project!


October updates

october.jpgToday is the launch of our December appeal which we will be working on for the next 3 months.

We are still collecting gifts for babies and teenagers please keep sharing, everything we have received so far has been great!

Whether it’s any gift sets you have to give away, chocolates, sweets and treats, or unused gifts and games for teenagers. We couldn’t do it without your help, support and incredible donations. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE.

September Summary

C4AECC64-2CAB-45B9-9F69-6F0643ABD302-1028-0000006EC8770827.jpegWe have received lots of amazing donations so far this month. Literature and Laughter for Ladies and Crochet & Chatter group as well as Bott & Co solicitors donated  an amazing amount of babies clothes, some pyjamas and lots of gorgeous gift sets!

Thank you to Gift of a Wash Kit for your amazing support and donations throughout September we are getting closer to reaching our Christmas goals.

St. Crispins Church in Fallowfield donated all their harvest foods to us on Friday, which has helped us fully stock up our pantry.

This week we are really lucky to be able to receive a share of the harvest food donation collected by Manchester High School for Girls so we can focus all our work on reaching our December target.


December Appeal


Our December appeal gets bigger and bigger every year as we are rising by a massive 60 percent in referrals from 2015 to 2016. We already know the number of women and children accessing us this December will be bigger than last, so we need all the help we can get.

We are preparing early which why we’ve set up our new Crowdfunding page to raise as much as we can for our December appeal. Click here to read more about it and donate!   Please read our crowdfunding page, share with family and friends and give what you can.

Our August collection is womens pyjamas, nighties and dressing gowns. download (2)index

In September we want to collect as much childrens nightwear as we can to help our appeal, please get collecting!

From October- December  we are aiming to collect presents for children aged between 0-1 as well as presents for teenagers (boys and girls), and any toiletries and treats for our women. We hope you can help us keep on track of our target for the busy few months!


August Appeal

download              download (1)

Our August appeal  aim is 150 items of women’s nightwear. We are already a third of the way there with nearly 50 donations! The support has been amazing, Literature and Laughter for Ladies and Crochet and Chatter are collecting lots as we speak. The Estates team at CMFT are also collecting for us and we have also had lots of individuals promising us donations.

Yesterday we heard that Soroptimist International of Manchester are pledging us 30 items of Pyjamas or dressing gowns!!!!! We are so grateful. Please keep giving, help us reach our target for christmas collections.

September will be our children’s pyjamas collection, so keep an eye out!

Thank you to everyone collecting for us and who has donated.

Gatley Festival


Gift of a Wash Kit helped out at Gatley Festival in July, they managed a stall on our behalf.

There was a quiz, children’s colouring in table, a drawing competition as well as some beautiful handmade craft gifts for sale and food hampers!

Their first prize for guessing the sweets in the jar went to Leoni with 97! It was a wonderful day, Gift of a Wash Kit raised nearly £70 for us!

Thank you to everyone who came